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Custom Cabinets and Cabinetry

Whether you’re remodeling or building a brand new home, you probably realize that your home is unique and big box store cabinets just don’t meet your specific needs. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are uniquely designed to fit your space and your design specifications.

SMW Designs builds and installs custom cabinets designed just for you and your home. All of our woodwork is constructed by hand here in Billings, Montana and is of outstanding quality. When it comes to hand-crafted, custom cabinetry, you can’t go wrong with SMW Designs. But don’t just take our word for it; we have a whole page dedicated to the great reviews we have received from our satisfied customers. 

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets solve a number of problems that may arise when you are planning your remodel.

First, custom cabinets offer superior construction quality. Most premade cabinets are mass produced and cheaply made. SMW Designs builds all of our custom cabinets to be extremely durable with superior joinery and construction.

Second, custom cabinetry offers unique styling. You have absolute control over the wood species, finish, and can personalize your cabinets with decorative molding or glass door upgrades. SMW Deisgns builds, delivers, and installs custom cabinets that are exactly the way that you want them.

Lastly, custom cabinets are extremely versatile. They are built to your exact dimensions and specifications to fit the exact space in your home.

Cabinets Made Just For You

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