5 Reasons Why A Montana Shaped Cribbage Board Is The Perfect Gift For Dad This Christmas

If you are struggling for what to get Dad this Christmas, and want to avoid any last-minute panic buying, a Montana shaped cribbage board is the perfect option. Far from a novelty, throw-away gift, or another pair of satirical socks, our Montana cribbage boards are timeless pieces that will see hours of use and enjoyment. It is a gift that can be shared with family and friends and will be the centerpiece of many memories. Our cribbage boards can also be custom engraved, so your Dad will know it’s a gift from the heart.

Crib is a fantastic game for the holiday season. You can play with two or more players, so it’s great for couples or the whole family. It could even be played in small teams if you fancy some Christmas camaraderie. For the competitive Dads, a difference of just one or two points can determine the game’s final result – so it’s sure to keep them on the edge of their seat. But the focal point of the game is, of course, the cribbage board. 

Our Montana shaped cribbage boards are custom made in Billings, Montana by our expert woodworker Keith Wetmore. Each cribbage board is 8.5″ x 15″ x 3/4″ and comes with six pegs and a storage slot in the back. It is designed beautifully in a selection of premium hardwoods you can choose from, including Maple and Sapele or Walnut and Cherry, to name a couple. Also, each board is handcrafted, meaning no two are exactly alike. So you can tell your Dad not only is his cribbage board personalized, it’s unique too! 

Some wood colors are bold and vibrant, while others are more subtle, so you can choose a board to suit different tastes. You could also select a wood design to match the room it will live in, whether that be Dad’s office, living room or games room. Browse the full range of cribbage boards here.

What makes this Montana made Christmas gift extra special is that it can be personalized. Each cribbage board can be custom engraved with a name or message up to 25 characters long. That’s perfect for ‘Merry Christmas Dad’ or ‘Happy Christmas [Name]’. Or you could even add a little festive humor or an inside joke. Not to worry if you have a message in mind that’s longer than 25 characters, or Dad’s name is three or more syllables, you can arrange a longer engraving by contacting us at (406) 698-7246.

Plus, a Montana shaped Christmas gift is the perfect way to show off your Montana pride. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your Christmas gift further, the six custom SMW Designs cribbage pegs will create an authentic, Montana-made experience.

For Dads that would rather be at the lake, why not customize your cribbage board with an engraved image of a jumping trout? This board is perfect if your Dad is a keen fisherman and a proud Montanan. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if that’s not enough, you can still share your Christmas wishes by adding a custom engraving on the back.

Put simply, here are the five reasons why a Montana Shaped Cribbage Board is the perfect gift for Dad this Christmas:

  1. The premium quality hardwood looks beautiful and will last a lifetime.
  2. Games, particularly crib, bring family and friends together.
  3. It can be personalized with a custom engraving to make it a stand-out gift. Plus, each board is handcrafted and is therefore unique.
  4. It represents your or the recipient’s Montana pride.
  5. It’s timeless and beats all the other throw-away seasonal junk.

Previous buyers of the Montana Cribbage Board said they were “so beyond impressed with the quality” and that they will “continue to use SMW Designs for other projects and gifts.”

Another said “I asked for a custom made cribbage board, and SMW Designs was more than helpful in doing them for me! I would highly recommend him!”

Playing crib with a Montana Cribbage Board looks stylish and feels premium – it is sure to impress any guests. Even now, when guests are few and staying home is becoming more common, a game of crib is a great way to keep festive spirits high. 

This Christmas, a handcrafted, custom cribbage board is well on the way to becoming Dad’s lucky charm, so you better learn how to play before going up against him.

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