Butcher Block Countertops – From the Store or Custom Made?

Hello again, I am Keith Wetmore the owner of SMW Designs. I have received a couple orders for butcher block countertops, I have had a few customers tell me my products are more expensive than the box stores. What is the difference? Is there really one?

What is the difference? For starters let me tell you about my building process:

As a builder I always hand select all of my lumber. Yes, I could have it delivered, however I prefer to go to my supplier and sift through the stacks personally. Once I return to the shop, I like to let the lumber acclimate for a few days before I start the milling process. Once I begin I go though each board, I cut out the cracks and most of the knots. If I cannot cut out the knots, each one is filled with either CA glue or colored epoxy. Each board is jointed and glued together one joint at a time, to ensure they glue together flat and the joints are seamless when I am done. As a rule of thumb, since I usually do my own installations I leave my tops about an inch long and 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider than needed. SMW Designs countertops are always finished before they are installed. Both sides. Custom made butcher block tops are typically installed within a week or two after being finished.

For the store bought products:

Most of the butcher block countertops mass produced, are made months before they are ordered, wrapped in plastic and placed in a warehouse or department store until they are purchased. Being a woodworker I believe this is a major problem because any kind of wood product is constantly taking in moisture and air from its surroundings. If it is wrapped in a plastic bag and transported, it is not getting any air until it is purchased and once the bag is opened the wood is going to be in a state of shock. They usually tell you to let it acclimate for a few days, however the damage is already done. Your store bought butcher block countertop will adjust, and even lay flat on your cabinets. You will notice a few cracks and chips from the wood drying out. If you are lucky, you can cut out the spots when adding a sink or trimming to fit. If you are not a carpenter this might be difficult.

What to expect from SMW Designs:

If you decide to purchase a butcher block countertop through us, I can assure you, you will receive a quality handmade countertop, finished and installed the way it is supposed to be. Your butcher block countertop will be made with hand selected quality lumber and a durable finish. Whenever possible our countertops and even our other wood products are delivered and installed a few days after they are finished. If you are in the market for a butcher block countertop or another wood product I would like to invite you to a custom experience!

Give me a call today at (406) 698-7246 or get a free estimate online for your custom made butcher block countertops.

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